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Chef Doucette & Staff Demonstration

Basic Steps to Breading Eggplant for Parmigiana

It is been 7 years since Chef Doucette has performed a live demonstration.  This demonstration is during Black Restaurant Week.  Black Restaurant Week is a social media public relations group to showcase the culinary talents of African-American chefs across the nation.  We hope that you enjoy the show and learn how easy and versatile eggplant is to bread for a variety of meals.

This gentleman has been coming to Meals for 10+ years, and this is probably the 1st picture he has taken.  His order is the same 1 to 3 times a week.  Covid-19 has prevented him from getting his "fix.”  So he decided to pull up in (I’m not even sure what is this kinda bike😂.)  I thought he was a Ninja🤷🏽‍♂️. Thank you for the love my friend.

New Orleans Nominatee an Essential Worker


1.  Call Meals From The Heart Cafe at 504.525.1953.

2.  Leave your name, contact information, name of the nominee and their contact information.

3. We draw a name daily.  If your nominee wins, we will notify you or the nominee directly.  We will direct them to our menu.  They will order an entree from our menu.  We will deliver to them.  It is that easy.

Thank you for allowing us to #giveback.  


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